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Ketamine Infusion Therapy

StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine

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If you’re struggling under the weight of depression, anxiety, or chronic pain, ketamine infusion therapy may be the game-changing treatment you need. At StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine in Skokie, Illinois; Crestview Hills, Kentucky; and the West Loop and River North areas of Chicago, the board-certified adult and pediatric anesthesiologists and pain physicians offer in-office ketamine infusion therapy that relieves symptoms of mental disorders when other treatments fail. StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine serves patients in the greater Chicagoland, greater Cincinnati areas and Miami Beach, FL. Learn more about the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy by calling the StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine office nearest you or booking online.

"We see patients in the following locations: Skokie, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Miami Beach, Florida, Miami Florida, Frisco, Texas, Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas of Illinois, Florida, and Texas. Call us to book your appointment today.".

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Q & A

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What is ketamine infusion therapy?

Ketamine infusion therapy is an effective treatment for a number of conditions for adults and adolescents, including chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

The team at StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine can also use ketamine infusion therapy to address treatment-resistant mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Ketamine, a psychedelic, is an anesthetic medication typically used for surgical cases. In lower doses than is needed for surgery, ketamine works by a variety of mechanisms, including modulating levels of glutamate, an important neurotransmitter in your brain. 

The change in glutamate levels helps provide fast and long-lasting relief of pain and symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

What happens during ketamine infusion therapy?

During your ketamine infusion therapy, your StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine physician starts an intravenous (IV) line and delivers carefully controlled amounts of ketamine into your bloodstream. The dosage is based on your body weight and unique health needs.

The team monitors your vital signs during and after the infusion. Many people notice a decrease in their symptoms during the infusion. It’s also common to experience side effects during and immediately after your treatment. These side effects might include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Double vision
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure

Because of the potential for side effects, you need someone to drive you home after your infusion is complete. You should also avoid driving for 24 hours after your treatment.

You might also experience hallucinations as a result of your ketamine infusion. This can range from pleasant dreams to intense visual and auditory hallucinations. 

For your safety, you should have someone stay with you for 24 hours after your infusion. Avoid making any major decisions during this time.

How quickly will I see results from my ketamine infusion therapy?

If you’re receiving ketamine infusion therapy to treat anxiety, depression, or PTSD, it may take anywhere from seven hours to seven days for the infusions to improve your symptoms.

When you receive ketamine infusions to address pain, the results of the psychedelic can last three weeks or longer and reduce your reliance on other pain-relieving medications.

To help you maintain your results, the team at StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine can customize a treatment plan that involves a series of infusions over the course of several weeks.

Find out if ketamine infusion therapy is right for you by calling StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine or booking an appointment online today.


We specialize in psychedelic medicine including intravenous ketamine for treatment resistant depression and chronic pain including migraine headaches and nerve pain. We also specialize in ultrasound guided stellate ganglion block treatment for PTSD, anxiety, and Covid long hauler symptoms. We are here to help and treat. Call us to book your appointment today.