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Additional Testimonials 2


Dominick Trapasso


9 months ago

Dr. Ali was a very nice doctor with great bed side manners. I am very busy with 2 young kids, work and dealing with stress. I needed a boost and this really helped. I was very comfortable throughout my entire experience. Dr. Ali is very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all my questions.

colleen harrison


9 months ago

I highly recommend Revive wellness. Both Dr. Park and Dr. Ali are very knowledgeable and take the time to answer all your questions. They put you at ease. The services offered really help me with my fitness and nutrition goals. I will definitely continue following at this clinic.

julia shklovskaya


10 months ago

This place is awesome! Finally, Midwest is progressing in holistic wellness services. I usually get immunity vitamin C drips before travel and when I feel like my body needs a boost. The rooms have most relaxing ginormous recline chairs with Netflix at your fingertips. The doctors are super knowledgeable and passionate about wellness. Love it!

Greg Carpenter


10 months ago

An absolutely top notch clinic! I was very comfortable throughout my entire experience. Dr. Ali is very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all my questions.

Michael Fernando


10 months ago

Dr.Ali and Dr. Park are amazing. They spend as much time as with you as needed and they answer all your questions and tailor their infusions to your symptoms. I’ve been there several times and their clinic is exceptionally clean and modern and have no qualms recommending Revive to anyone -especially if you need an immunity boost.

Tina Fankhauser


10 months ago

Dr. Ali is awesome had a great experience

Anthony Lazzaro


10 months ago

Drs. Ali and Park are amazing! I hate needles but they put me at ease and numbed my skin and I feel great. Will be back soon.

emily Spengler


10 months ago

Awesome center for back pain relief!! Very professional staff and Dr. Ali was truly amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Ali and this place. Excellent patient centered care!!

Jason Slayton


10 months ago

Professional and easy!

Ron S.


10 months ago

The best IV hydration clinic I've ever been to! Friendly staff, overall experience and treatment was excellent. Glad to have stumbled on to this place while I was in town.

Vilunrach Gund


10 months ago

They’re professional,and friendly, Make me more confident and love to continue with them.

brendan mckinney


10 months ago

Great experience.Efficient professional service in a crisp clean environment. Dr. Ali was attentive and kind in a most reassuring way. I would absolutely feel comfortable recommending RevIVe for IV services.

Eliodoro Del Rivero


1 year ago

Excellent patient care, attentive, cared about overall health and well being. Highly recommend this place! Thanks Syed for your assistance.

Angela Dube


1 year ago

Awesome experience Dr Ali is very friendly and knowledgeable makes the process comfortable as I’m afraid of needles but I never even felt it. He also gave me advice for continuous skin care .

Kate Attea


1 year ago

Excellent service! I got an enhanced IV treatment after having the flu to speed my recovery. Service and responsiveness was terrific.

Heather Corral


1 year ago

One word: amazing! After a big night out and too much drinking, I was in rough shape A friend found RevIVe for me (Sunday hours!) and I decided to give it a try. (I was in rough shape.) It 100% turned my day around. I was dehydrated and nauseated and unable to keep anything down; the doctors were compassionate and attentive and determined the right kind of hydration I needed. I felt better immediately and wholeheartedly recommend this place. Clean. Comfortable. Compassionate.

Gabriela Mary Sf


1 year ago

Great place, amazing doctor, very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate for what he does. Truly recommend this place .

Samina Saeed


1 year ago

Revive Wellness is a highly recommended place. They deliver fast and amazing results!! They are very flexible with appointments, and you can get one easily.Dr. Ali is a very nice guy, who gives you great advice for your health. Never met a Doctor like this before. He takes great care of his patients.

Daisy Danao


1 year ago

Had a crazy bachelorette weekend full of cocktails and no sleep. Sunday came around and I felt like death and needed immediate relief. Found RevIVe Wellness online and truthfully was hesitant to go since I had never had an IV treatment like this before. Called them up and they offered that I come in to see what they were all about. They also offer mobile service and offered to travel, but I was going to be in the area anyways so I stopped into the office. Was immediately comfortable in the office environment and the physicians were professional and very personable. While you get your IV treatment you are sitting in the lap of luxury in cushy chairs and your choice of show or music!Most importantly, the IV brought me back to life. Nausea gone, energy level spike and I was ready to not only tackle the workweek but even just be productive on my Sunday off. I highly recommend anyone thinking about trying it, to definitely come to RevIVe Wellness.

Pauline Jovero


1 year ago

Dr. Ali was amazing. I came in with a headache and for someone with Migraines it’s scary to think how long the throbbing pain would last, lucky for me I was scheduled to do my first infusion that day.The whole process took about an hour, you get to watch any show you like in their big screen or take a nap.After my first infusion, Dr Ali asked how my headache is going so I paused and realized: Oh wait, I no longer have a headache.A few days later, I noticed an increased in my energy and I’m no longer tired during the day especially in the afternoons.I would love to see Dr. Ali at least once a month now that I know how much it benefited me. Taking care of our self is very important.

Joshua Westlund


1 year ago

I became severely dehydrated after a couple days working outside. I didn't realize how dire my symptoms were until after my in-network Immediate Care offices had closed for the day. Dr. Park and Dr. Ali offered an appointment well after most doctors' normal business hours. They are smart, sensitive and incredibly smart. Their office is super clean and comfortable. Quickly after arrival, they had me hooked up to an IV with B vitamins and electrolytes. I get very queasy when it comes to medical procedures but the process was as painless and stress-free as possible. Once hooked up, I reclined on a comfy leather chair and had free reign of a Netflix account on a big TV to entertain myself. One big problem I have with a lot of (especially older) doctors is their lack of empathy. These two young docs get it -- you can tell they care about their patients. Dr. Ali personally checked in with me the next day via text to be sure I was OK. In this case, my alternative would have been to go to an emergency room, be treated like dirt and overcharged. RevIVe Wellness is what a medical experience in the US should be.

Courtney Jennings


1 year ago

RevIVe Wellness is a lifesaver! I've never had any back issues, but when moving day came and went I began having occasional sharp pains in my lower back. Within 3 days, I'd become nearly totally immobile--my back completely locked up from lower to mid spine. Every micro movement was EXCRUCIATING and kept causing my legs to turn into spaghetti. Just terrible!I found RevIVe after hours and Dr. Ali told me to come in that evening for an Acute Pain IV. I've had a couple IVs in my life and this was hands-down the best experience. They have plush recliners to relax in while surfing Netflix, Hulu, etc.This IV was not an instant fix, but I did leave with about 70-80% better range of motion. Felt like a HUGE WIN!!! Dr. Ali gave me some stretches and exercises to use over the following days and personally checked on my progress daily. PERSONALLY. Wow!If you have lower back pain then I highly recommend this place! Will probably check out their vitamin IV in the future once I'm totally healed just because of this positive experience.

Kathleen Birmingham


1 year ago

I am so grateful I found Dr. Ali and Dr Park. Between the diet changes and vitamin therapy I feel stronger, calmer and am not constantly getting sick. Thank you so much for the excellent care.

Iveliz Figueroa


1 year ago

Very customer centered

Vanya Green


1 year ago

I came from Europe to complete a Ketamine treatment plan as it is very difficult if not impossible to access. I have PTSD and depression and anxiety. I am blown away by the results. I am no longer in a perpetual fog, with constant low lying anxiety. My depression has cleared and I am calmer and more positive than I can remember. Life goes on and challenges and emotions come and go as normal but I am not in the overwhelm which I was finding so debilitating.Danny and Syed are professional, friendly and trustworthy. You will be in good hands and wont regret it.

Richard Drieberg


1 year ago

Dr. Ali is great. I came in feeling run down and lethargic. Dr. Ali explained the options available, the benefits of each, and treated me in a very comforting and supportive manner. Even for someone who doesn't like needles, this was painless. I left feeling hydrated and full of energy. I highly recommend Dr. Ali.

Andy Desmedt


1 year ago

I’m 45 years old and have suffered from severe depression my entire adult life. Diagnosed in 1993 with the hereditary condition. I fought tirelessly to treat it. Every anti-depressant in the book. Other pills to Augment the main anti-depressant. One of which (abilify) nearly ruined my life because of side effects so severe that I had no idea a pill could even cause me to do such horrible things. Tapped out on the highest doses allowed by law. The use of Illegal drugs to supplement my emotions and ability to cope with life only to make things WORSE. When I heard about ketamine as a treatment I immediately went after the FDA approved drug SPRAVATO. Only to be denied not once but four times by my insurance company BCBS ppo. They lied to me and gave me the run around for over three months while I was severely depressed and untreated. because I now have (TRD) treatment resistant depression. There wasn’t a day that went by without thinking of suicid all day long for those three months and even a long time before I quit taking the medications. Out of desperation I called Doctor Park and Doctor Ali at revive wellness. They heard my cry for help and saw me immediately that same evening for my first ketamine infusion.That night was the first time in my entire life that I felt at peace with myself and the world. Like the dark cloud over my head had just simply dissipated. Suicidal thoughts gone immediately! Depressed, no more. I’ve had the six recommended infusions and though I still have some anxiety issues to cope with. I don’t have the depression to deal with on top of it. I will most likely do maintenance treatments once a month or so. Just to never feel so awful ever again. Although rather expensive the results far outweigh the expense. These two Doctors, as far as I’m concerned are miracle workers!They saved my life. I can only hope that others will read this and give them the chance to save theirs.Thank you

mohammed Ahmed


1 year ago

Thank you Dr Park, you guys are amazing

Natalie Griffin


1 year ago

I am 14 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with hyperemesis. I went to revive today to receive some IV fluids. It was easy to find, the doctors were extremely friendly, and the environment was comfortable and clean. I got to sit in a big comfy chair with a heated blanket and watch Hulu while receiving the treatment. After the fluid I have been feeling a huge improvement in my overall health and haven’t throw up all day. I will definitely be back!

N Mansourian


1 year ago

I would give more starts if possible! Our experience with RevIVe Wellness was beyond anything we have ever experienced within the field of medical care. The team is not only very knowledgeable but also extremely caring. They made the Ketamine infusion experience a positive one for us. By all means, they went above and beyond to make sure that the client is cared for. The doctors are very good with communication and responding to any question we had. I highly recommend RevIVe Wellness.

Matthew Krawiec


1 year ago

This was my first time visiting one of these clinics and I was super impressed. Dr. Ali was super friendly and made me feel comfortable while I got my IV. I hate getting an IV but the process was easy and smooth.

E Parke


1 year ago

Dr. Ali and Dr. Park are extremely knowledgeable and caring physicians. They spend plenty of time answering questions and helping pick out which IV infusion is right for you, and will give advice on what testing and supplements might help with symptoms as well. I highly recommend Revive to anyone who isn’t feeling their best!

Amanda Griffith


1 year ago

If you are looking for IV therapy in the suburbs this is the place to go. While searching to find a place who will help me out on the weekend, I realized most infusion centers are in city, very few in the suburbs and the ones that travel to you charge additional fees. Both Dr Park and Dr Ali are extremely attentive, knowledgeable and kind. Genuinely caring! I have been so sick and needed hydration. They were able to get me in quickly and I was comfortable during my whole experience... much better than a regular Dr. office experience. They were able to numb before my IV which helped a lot as I have small veins plus you are able to recline and watch Netflix during your infusion. Very happy to find them and definitely will be back!

Tina Steves


1 year ago

Dr Ali is a very caring, attentive and skilled physician. I highly recommend his clinic.

Derek Reich


1 year ago

The older I get the worse my hangovers are, and this morning I felt especially bad. I called before they opened, they answered and were able to see me less than an hour later. I sat in a recliner while watching ESPN and was there around 40 minutes. I can’t say enough nice things about the entire process, and Syed in particular. He was super friendly and compassionate. I can honestly say I feel great; it’s as if I didn’t drink last night. I know they offer other treatments, but if you’re ever in a similar situation to mine and you can’t suffer through the day, I highly recommend you give this place a try.

Ryan Hunt


March 18, 2020

What a professional and very well trained group of Doctors! I recommend this to all, no matter if your feeling well or bad.

Amy Stewart O'Donnell


September 12, 2019

Excellent experience to help me recover from the intestinal flu. Extremely professional and qualified.

Evan Snazzal


June 10, 2019

Dr ali. Was great very kind and the customer service was amazing.. definitely going back there. The IV therapy was great was a big help 100% recommended.

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