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StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine Clinics Testimonials

Below are just some of the praise we have received from happy customers in the Chicago area. If you would like to send a review fill in the form below the testimonials.


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kristine dispensa


5 days ago

Dr. Syed Ali is one of the best doctors I have ever encountered. He was so very kind, patient, and knowledgeable in various specialized areas of medicine. He took the time to answer any and all of my questions. In addition, he also took the time to follow up with me via various phone calls.He really is the best!!!



10 days ago

Great experience! Dr. Ali made us feel very comfortable, took his time and listened to exactly what we wanted to achieve. We were very pleased with the results and wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

Shannon Bruozas


27 days ago

I have had Botox done several times by several different physicians, but the outcome has never been this consistent and natural looking. I have some asymmetry in my smile and brow line, which Dr. Ali was able to correct with some strategically placed injections. My face feels fresh and rejuvenated, not frozen or stiff! Highly recommend!!

Shannon Marie Bruozas


March 16

I had great results from Botox injections given by Dr. Ali. It has corrected some asymmetry that I had in my smile and brow line, and has left my face feeling fresh. I am thrilled with the results!

Hakeem opere


1 month ago

Super worth it...

mike d

1 month ago

It's great to find knowledgeable and caring medical practitioners, and the ketamine infusions have been literally life changing for our family. I can't recommend them highly enough. We are very pleased.

Klaudia Olszowka


2 months ago

I called in the morning for some urgent help for my uncle. I really appreciate that the doctors deal directly with their clients, he was very prompt in accommodating him, and even came in to work early to see him. My uncle felt much better afterwards and we truly appreciate this clinic. Their services are impeccable, and I’m very happy to see a clinic using different approaches to depression.

Magdalena E. Jelic


3 months ago

This place is amazing. Not only you are getting all the necessary nutrition/vitamins you might need at literally one "shot", but you also getting a professional service and huge support from the doctors who work there. I truly recommend the place.

Eric Schudy


3 months ago

the doctors are both very knowledgeable and extremely compassionate. they understand their patients and take extreme care to treat us with utmost compassion given our conditions.most of all, these ketamine treatments really work!where nothing else was effective on severe depression, these gave us relief and hope because it really works.pls call and start feeling better

Jamie Mann


3 months ago

Dr. Ali and Dr. Park really helped me get through some of my darker moments. They very obviously care deeply about the wellness of their patients and the treatment itself is a huge relief. The dark cloud can in fact be lifted and strIVe can help.

Jess Mattern


3 months ago

Dr. Ali is the best! He is extremely attentive and always takes time to address all of my questions. I highly recommend!

Michael Jake


4 months ago

First time having Botox Procedure. Very pleased with the results! Enjoyed the process with minimal discomfort, safe environment and again.... great results! I will return for my next procedure.

flavia ardelean14


5 months ago

Dr.Ali took good care of me and my family!

Simona Ardelean


5 months ago

This is an amazing facility with top quality doctors to assist you. Definitely recommend it!!Thank you Dr.Ali for taking great care of my family and I :)

Hager Berrada


5 months ago

Dr. Ali and the nurse were amazing!!!! I was extremely nauseous on a Sunday. They responded immediately and took amazing care of me. Dr. Ali even followed up with me the same day in the evening to make sure I was feeling better. I can’t express how great they are with patient care!! The office is clean and sterile.I highly recommend coming to see Dr. Ali and his staff.

Brooke Karagozian


5 months ago

Highly recommend. I went to Dr. Ali for Botox and he did an outstanding job. He took his time and listened to what I wanted. Excellent bedside manner as well!

Alison K.


5 months ago

I am experiencing an amazing and much needed life enhancing transformation with Ketamine infusions. Doctors Ali and Park have been wonderful. They are caring, kind and involved with my treatments - always checking in with me to see how I am doing. I have experienced depression and anxiety for 40 years. I have taken over 25 anti-depressants and been in and out of talk therapy during these 40 years with minimal improvement. I now feel hopeful. I am looking forward to my future. I was finally able to leave an extremely toxic work environment and am now working in a positive and supportive environment. Thank you sooo much.

Marjorie Grace


6 months ago

Ketamine worked for me! Being employed in a hospital during the pandemic stretched my mental health to its absolute limit, triggering my ptsd, anxiety, depression, all the things I could control in ‘usual life’ became alive, robust, and in a pressure cooker. I needed help, and was at a breaking point when I found RevIVe online. The fast response and compassion I received from Dr. Ali gave me hope. The kindness and encouragement from both Dr. Ali and Dr. Park was beyond anything I could have imagined. Their education and guidance provided the perfect framework for me to understand what to expect without influencing my own individual experience. It is impossible to put into words the breakthrough I had in their office, I can say without a doubt I received a true Miracle which has calmed my mind, eliminated the incessant ruminating, and has lifted me to a place of contentment that I forgot existed. I am forever grateful for these two gentlemen, their dedication, belief in and provision of this treatment modality. Thank you both so much!

marci rubin


6 months ago

My adult son has a learning disability and OCD. Unfortunately, the medication and cognitive therapy didn't help him. Out of desperation, I began to search for Ketamine Clinics and came upon Revive Wellness. Dr. Ali and Dr. Park were both extraordinary, not only with their expertise, but as important, they were kind, extremely attentive, and really put forth great effort to help my son. After six treatments, he is doing much better, and I am very grateful and hopeful.

Navdeep Tandon


6 months ago

Professional and efficient are 2 things that are extremely important in the health and wellness field. This establishment exudes professionalism and efficiency, a must do experience that i will recommend to all my loved ones.

Alexa DeTogne


6 months ago

Fast, efficient, compassionate! Came in with a killer hangover from a rowdy night with family, left as my 100% self, able to enjoy my boyfriend’s birthday as planned. Staff was very accommodating appointment-wise, as well (it was a struggle to get up and over to them, and they were flexible with my arrival time). Professional and clean. Highly recommend - Time is money after all, and their Hangover Cure gave me my special occasion back. Thank you!

Mohammed A. Khan


6 months ago

Dr. Ali went above and beyond to get me back to normal after a rough party weekend. His office is an urban oasis, staff is super friendly and the IV therapy he recommended got me back to 100% in a few hours. It was my first time trying this and definitely will not be my last!

Ellie Reichard


6 months ago

Terrific experience from start to finish! Dr Ali saved me from my hangover and was so caring and helpful throughout the whole process. I was amazed how much better I felt in so little time. Highly recommend!

Claire FWTFL


6 months ago

This place is amazing! Friendly staff, super clean facility. It is an absolute game changer for a hangover. I will definitely be back!!!

Elizabeth Collins


6 months ago

Words cannot describe the amazing care and hope that Dr. Ali and Revive have given me. After years of trying every combination of oral antidepressants available, I finally feel hopeful and confident in the ketamine treatments I'm receiving at Revive. Also, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ali. He makes it very evident that he genuinely cares for his patients and wants to see them get better. His professionalism is superior, and care and concern sincere. I could not be more grateful for him and Revive. Truly life changing!

Sahaj Patel


6 months ago

The staff is very supportive and cares about your well being even when you aren’t in the clinic.

Odessa Diocares


6 months ago

I’ve been wanting to try IV for skincare anti-aging and glutathione as I heard it got better and faster results. Looked online and come across to Revive . I sent themEmail about my questions and got a reply the same day. All my questions answered and even more explained as I booked an appointment and met Syde. My 1st treatment was a breeze. The office was so relaxing , clean and easy to locate with enough parking. Vital signs are checked to ensure safety of the patients. Syde even follow up on me that night and asked how I was feeling . I feel like these group has been focusing on pts care which I love about it. They care for their pt and wants what’s best and will help us even more. He suggested different treatments and got to chose what I want. I definitely recommend them and will go back for more.

Joanne G. F.


6 months ago

This place is excellent, they are worth more than 5 stars! I cannot begin to express my satisfaction receiving IV therapy with Dr. Ali & Dr.Park. Both are extremely personable, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals.They will spend the time with you, understanding your personal health goals and recommend the appropriate treatment for long term success. I give RevIVe Wellness & Ketamine Clinics the highest recommendation possible.I have had nothing but a great experience every single time I have come here. Give it a try! Check out their clinic and find out what they have to offer you for your health and wellness. You will be glad you did..& don’t forget to tell your friends too! :)

Victoria Bussey


6 months ago

Very personable and professional staff and accommodated us on very short notice when our son was dealing with a serious illness.

Greg Wilson


6 months ago

Dr Ali did an awesome job, it was a great experience and the infusions helped very much. He shows great care and concern, and is very professional and thorough - excellent results!

Maciej Maciulewski


7 months ago

Best experience in a medical clinic I have ever had. The doctors are attentive and professional, and one of them even called the next day to follow up. Dr. Ali is the man!



7 months ago

Was traveling and this was the closest clinic to me. Was feeling sick. They have a friendly staff and helpful doctors who care. I was in and out quickly too.

Mahnee Park


7 months ago

Great team. Knowledgeable and experienced. Nice and friendly. My mom visited the office and was completely satisfied.

James Yun


7 months ago

Very knowledgeable staff and listened to my needs. I Appreciate the proactive approach.

Tom Giroux


7 months ago

Excellent job by Dr Danny Park. Thank you

Christopher Kraj


7 months ago

I brought my elderly parents in for therapy and Syed did a wonderful job taking care of everyone simultaneously. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and explained everything he was doing. My dad has Parkinson's so we tried the glutathione IV. By the time we left, he was more alert and was able to speak and move in ways he has been unable to for the past several months.Thank you so much!

Megan Weinstein


7 months ago

I had such a good experience here under the great care of Dr Ali! I would give a lot more stars if it was an option! Dr Ali was able to get me feeling better as soon as I walked in and he was extremely caring and compassionate. He even squeezed me into a very last minute appointment on a Saturday morning. Thank you for getting me back to feeling good!

Donna Turek


7 months ago

My experience with Dr. Danny Park today was an unexpected and unparalleled event. I had a little knowledge of IV infusions for the purpose of enhancing one's health and well-being. In the first phone call I made to inquire about them, Danny took the time to clarify the general concept and practice of IV infusions and then explained carefully the various ways in which they can help people with a variety of health and aesthetic goals.I was fortunate that Danny was willing to schedule me today, the same afternoon I called. When I arrived at the office he was cordial and knowledgeable beyond my expectations. My treatment there was thoroughly top notch, professionally and personally.I received my Infusion in a well-appointed comfortable treatment room, equipped with all vital monitoring devices, treatment chair, video and on-line access for my own devices. Dr. Danny was attentive from the early process of getting to understand the treatment all the way through to the time I left the building. He personally administered the treatment, checked my vitals and comfort level all throughout the appointment. I was not ever at a loss for any amenity.He also instructed me on medical information relative to the treatment, answered every question and kept a most pleasant and concerned interest in my progress through the appointment. I was fully comfortable and experienced no pain.I am awestruck that I have had the good fortune to encounter this excellent physician, especially during these chaotic and uncertain pandemic times. I am impressed at his explanation of the corona virus as it affects all people in so many aspects of our lives. For those of us who are healthy and wish to remain so, I highly endorse Dr. Park's approach to living and keeping a healthy attitude. For me, frequent use of IV infusion makes sense in many aspects of physical and emotional well-being. For those with other physical challenges or uncertainties, this is the place to go to be heard and helped.

Jason Cain


7 months ago

Dr. Ali has been amazing! We had tried every medicine and therapy recommended for 6 years to help our daughter with anxiety and depression. I finally talked with her doctor about trying ketamine and my only regret is not doing it sooner! After only 5 infusions, she went from sleeping all day and staying in her room, to interacting with friends and family! She is hanging out with the family, laughing with her sibling and states she actually feels motivation to do things! You can tell Dr. Ali cares about his patients. He personally follows up after my daughters infusion to make sure she is doing well and that I don't have any questions. I am a nurse and can honestly say that Dr. Ali is great at what he does and highly encourage anyone considering ketamine to schedule a consultation with him. He has changed my daughters life.

Jack Reynolds


7 months ago

Ketamine worked absolute magic on me and my treatment. Awesome staff, recommended to anyone.

Anna Neugent


7 months ago

Great experience - went in with an awful migraine and after an IV and relaxing in the patient room went home virtually pain free! Both doctors were extremely nice and helpful. They even followed up that evening to make sure I was still doing okay. Will definitely go back!



8 months ago

Walked in with my elderly mother to get an IV drip as she was extremely dehydrated. She has dementia and was out of breath. Dr. Syed Ali at Revive Wellness was a blessing from heaven for my mom. Even though we walked in at the time of closing - he kept the clinic open for us and stayed more than an hour late, administered IV and recommended much needed vitamins that was also added to the drip. My mom walked out much healthier and very responsive. I am very thankful to Dr. Ali for his stunning gratitude, phenomenal professionalism and incredible bedside manners. This place is godsend! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Peter J Ricci


8 months ago

Took a short trip to Chicago and needed an energy boost. Looked these guys up online and was hooked up - in no time, amazing! Great people great service and awesome Energy IV t(I think they call it Fitness IV), they also provide Ketamine Treatment Center and many other IV's as well Thanks guys!

Sonny Goyal


8 months ago

I had a great experience with ReviVe! Their customer service was amazing! The Doctor took their time with me and was extremely patient while answering all my questions. I am a regular customer now and their treatments have really changed my life. I feel so much better, more energetic and overall just happier in life!

Jennifer Bretz


8 months ago

Had a wonderful experience at RevIVe with Dr. Park. He was kind, compassionate and very professional. I went in for a 3 day migraine that would not go away. The migraine IV gave me relief without the “headache” of going to the ER. The room is nice with a comfortable recliner and TV should you want to watch. I chose a dark quiet room due to my headache. Dr. Park checked on me often to assess my pain. I left feeling much better and able to return home to take care of my family. I would definitely recommend going to RevIVe and will be using their amazing service again. Thanks again Dr. Park!

Ajay Satyapriya


8 months ago

‘Dr Ali and Dr Park provided excellent services. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. I recommend RevIVe Wellness Clinics to anyone interested in these specialized services.’Thank you!

Tricia Parenti


8 months ago

Danny was very accommodating and was able to meet me on short notice. He put me at ease and was able to make the experience very comfortable and relaxing. I’ll definitely be back!

Michelle Ebner


8 months ago

Personalized care and drs go above and beyond to make sure their patients are taken care of. Very experienced, professional and truly help their patients feel better!

Jennifer Stefan


8 months ago

Excellent expertise and service!

Haley Bubley


8 months ago

Revive Wellness changed the quality and course of my life. I would recommend this clinic to anyone struggling or looking for help. Dr. Ali and Dr. Park are absolutely incredible. I have never had such caring, positive doctors. They are EXTREMELY accommodating, provide a very clean and safe environment, and knew exactly how to talk me through any scared feelings I first had. So grateful for Revive Wellness and would give them 10 out of 5 stars if I could :) Complete game changers who gave me hope in a situation that felt hopeless.

liliana horner


9 months ago

I was in a desperate situation having had constant, chronic migraine pain that is indescribable. Dr. Ali got back to me very quickly and the following morning I received ketamine infusion which gave me the most relief I have ever been able to have from migraine pain. I am extremely grateful for his care through the process and even after he continued to check in to see how I was doing. The process of Ketamine infusion was very efficient and he did everything to make me feel at ease. Highly, highly recommend Dr. Ali.

Leanne Konicek


9 months ago

We are having such a positive experience at RevIVe Wellness. Dr. Ali and Dr. Park are 100% vested in helping my depression and chronic pain. We have seen numerous specialists, and have tried countless treatments with minimal results. I am grateful to these doctors for their expertise in using ketamine to help me see some hope again. Both doctors are non judgmental and are easy to talk to. They follow up regularly to see how I am feeling. I highly recommend their clinic.

Tiffany Arthur


9 months ago

They saw me on time, explained everything to me and I had great results!

Peggy Wagener


9 months ago

My diet and lifestyle is healthy yet I continually struggle with fatigue and digestive issues. I read the RevIVe reviews and thought IV therapy might be worth a try. Dr. Ali and Dr. Park are caring, patient and informative. Not only did they get me in for a treatment quickly, but they followed up with me to see how I felt. How many doctors make follow-up calls? And I do feel better. Less sluggish, more energy. Needles make me nervous but these doctors are highly skilled and the process was virtually painless. Their office is easy to find and there's plenty of free parking. I plan to add RevIVe to my regular heath regimen.

Maryann Schittino


9 months ago

I was severely dehydrated and normally would have to go to the emergency room to get IV therapy. Fortunately, I found RevIVe and they took me in on a Sunday morning. They professionally assessed my situation and admistred the correct IV therapy. It only took an hour and I was feeling so much better. I'm so happy that I have this option now, so that I don't have to go to the emergency room when I get dehydrated. It also saves me money, time and the anxiety of having to go to the emergency room. Both doctors are very knowledgeable, professional and Compassionate.

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