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Breathwork Training Chicago IL

Breathwork with Michael Feld

But what is breathwork? “Breathwork” is an umbrella term for various types of breathing practices.

Michael Feld is a breathwork guide and facilitator based in Los Angeles, California. He has trained under Jon Paul Crimi and is fully versed in the Wim Hoff Method. While incorporating aspects of those practices, he has developed his own breathwork program to help alleviate stress and anxiety, while accessing our higher selves.

But what is breathwork? “Breathwork” is an umbrella term for various types of breathing practices. Michael’s practice is based around circular, rhythmic, continuous breathing mixed with encouragement and gratitude.
While lying down on your back in a comfortable position, music plays to motivate, relax and release anything that’s stuck. The breathing is very simple: two big breaths in and one little breath out, without stopping for 30 minutes. This type of breathing is the opposite of hyperventilating, we’re bringing more air in than letting out.

After the breathing, Michael guides moments of gratitude, visualization of goals and reads a few motivating pieces to help conclude the experience on a powerful, self-reflective and peaceful note. People tend to experience stress relief, deep introspection, clarity and even transcendence.

Turned off by anything New Age, Michael was dragged to his first breathwork session in his own battle with depression. Blown away by the experience and the sense of relief from simply laying down and breathing, he began a daily practice of breathwork that helped him overcome some of the greatest struggles in his life. Michael felt a calling to share the practice with the people in his life he saw dealing with their own struggles and has seen massive transformations.

Every breathwork session is unique and yields different results, which is why Michael views breathwork as a remarkably powerful tool. He is not a therapist, a healer, a doctor or a guru.

He provides a space to turn inward while leading you through the breathwork, making sure you’re breathing the right way and providing guidance to keep going. Whatever experience you have is entirely based on you and the breath.

Outside of breathwork, Michael is a comedy writer/director, practices Transcendental Meditation and plays drums in a psychedelic rock band. He recently celebrated two years of sobriety.

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