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The Stress of a Pandemic

Fear and anxiety about a new disease and its repercussions can cause overwhelming emotional responses to the people affected. In the case of CoVID-19, we are ALL affected. Our way of life, our freedom, our daily functions, really it’s been everything. Social distancing and other public health actions are necessary to reduce the spread of the disease; however, these can lead to extreme social isolation and lead to increased stress and anxiety. This scenario undoubtedly leads to an exacerbation and worsening of mood disorders- such as major depressive disorder.

Stress during an infectious disease pandemic can lead to a multitude of feelings:

  1. Fear and worry about your own health, as well as the health of loved ones.
  2. Fear of loss of financial stability 
  3. Changes in sleeping and eating 
  4. Worsening of chronic problems 
  5. Worsening of mental health conditions
  6. Increased use of tobacco, and/or alcohol and other substances 

What are the ways to cope with stress?

First and foremost, know what to do when you are sick or have symptoms.

Take care of your emotional health.

Take care of your physical health.

Connect with others.

Connect with your community.

Take care of your mental health.

Know where and how to get treatment. There is a variety of treatment-related options, including utilizing the comprehensive array of services and StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine.

Mental health is an important part of our overall well being. People with preexisting mental health conditions may be particularly vulnerable (depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia).  As per CDC guidelines, people with these types of mental conditions should continue with their treatment and be aware of new onset of symptoms

Different life experiences affect a person’s risk of suicide. Feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, and other stressors increase a person’s risk of suicide. People may have these feelings more often during a pandemic.

HOWEVER, there are ways to protect against suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Certainly feeling more connected within society and relationships is very relevant. Calling for HELP anytime necessary is of primary importance. And finally, seeking medical help and treatment should continue even during pandemics.

At StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine, the team of expert physicians is available 24/7 to help treat some of the emotional stressors that often emerge and worsen during pandemics and post-pandemic. We offer ketamine infusions as well as intravenous vitamin therapy, in addition to comprehensive functional wellness consultations by a board-certified functional medicine physician. StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine has the highest number of health and wellness services in the midwest by a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and providers from the best institutions in the country.

We will closely monitor guidelines and directions from the state of Illinois and are offering infusions to our patients. If you or someone has a mental health disease that is worsening, please call your healthcare provider or go to the emergency room. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at 

"We see patients in the following locations: Skokie, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Miami Beach, Florida, Miami Florida, Frisco, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and surrounding areas of Illinois, Florida, and Texas. Call us to book your appointment today."

We look forward to helping YOU be a better, happier, and healthier YOU.

StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine


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