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Stay Healthy in Greater Cincinnati

We are all so done with 2020! We hear the word COVID or pandemic and we start to cringe, turn the tv off, turn the radio off or close our web browser. So we ask, how do we maintain our physical and mental health? Especially since millions of us are NOT traveling, how do we stay healthy in the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area.

The physicians and StriveMD Wellness & Ketamine promote comprehensive mental and physical health and wellness through many interventional and non-interventional means. Here are a few things for us locals, to stay sane while we wait for COVID numbers to improve and vaccines to be delivered. All of the ideas/events are currently OPEN (tentatively).

  1. The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge is an icon in the Cincinnati region. It’s the prototype of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge and has been dubbed “the singing bridge” due to the way car tires hum when driving across it. Pedestrian lanes make it a picturesque way to get from Cincinnati to Northern Kentucky (and vice versa) on foot
  2. Touch a stingray. Or a shark. Visit with seahorses. Or walk across the Shark Bridge suspended over the Surrounded by Sharks exhibit. Kids and adults will be amazed at all the sea life on view at the Newport Aquarium
  3. Enjoy our beautiful skyline over the river. Covington, Newport and Bellevue in Northern Kentucky all have amazing views of the Ohio River and Cincinnati skyline across the river. Go for the views and stay for lunch or dinner at neighboring restaurants 
  4. You can feed a giraffe at Giraffe Ridge, go eye-to-eye with hippos at Hippo Cove, take a train ride, get up close with gorillas and so much more at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
  5. Cincinnati-style chili is a way of life for locals. Whether you pour it over a hot dog for a coney or over spaghetti for a 3-way, you’ve got to try this regional favorite during your next visit. 
  6. Book a sightseeing or dining cruise aboard BB Riverboats to get a view of the riverfront like none other. Admire the hillsides and sights along the shores of the Ohio River while enjoying the afternoon or evening breezes on the open-air decks.
  7. Drink craft beer at the oldest bar in Cincinnati. Arnold’s opened as a saloon more than 150 years ago and survived Prohibition by adding a kitchen to convert the saloon to a cafe. These days, the bar & grill is known for its local selection of craft beer, good food and popular courtyard for outdoor dining.
  8. Shop at Findlay market. Historic Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine is the perfect spot for families and couples to relax for a casual lunch, purchase fresh locally-sourced food, sip a craft beer in the biergarden, or enjoy a scoop of Dojo Gelato
  9. Drink locally made bourbon in N. Kentucky. Tour The B-Line and enjoy a sip at bourbon distilleries and bourbon bars like New Riff Distilling, the northernmost stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour; Boone County Distilling, which makes authentic bourbon whiskey in the northern hills of Kentucky; and Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, home to more than 300 domestic bourbons and whiskeys to choose from. 
  10. Visit the Cincinnati Art Museum. Ascend 450 feet from the base to the top at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s new experience, Art Climb, and enjoy views of the city and surrounding Eden Park along the way. Plus, tour the museum for free to browse their collection of more than 67,000 objects spanning 6,000 years of art work from around the world. 
  11. Spend a day at the Ark Encounter. Explore the architectural marvel, Ark Encounter, the largest timber frame structure in the world. Go inside to see the world-class, biblical-themed exhibits. Outdoors the family will love the Ararat Ridge Zoo and Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures. 
  12. Cheer on the Cincinnati Reds at Fountain Square. Watching a Cincinnati Reds baseball game is a tradition that dates back to 1869 when the Cincinnati Redlegs became America’s first professional baseball team. But this year due to the pandemic, we have to get creative with how we experience America’s favorite pastime. Fountain Square, in the heart of downtown, has plenty of space between their outdoor tables and their concession stand is open daily serving refreshments including alcoholic beverages. Bring some peanuts and grab some dinner from a nearby restaurant to enjoy while watching the Reds play on the big screen.
  13. Take a stroll/walk/jog along miles of walkways and paths along the Ohio River!

Our physicians know that the incidence of pandemic related emotional and mental health stressors have increased significantly, and are here to provide expert relief. With a team of board certified physicians in adult and pediatric anesthesiology, neurology, pediatrics, pain medicine, and functional medicine, we are the most comprehensive team available to take care of patients of any age, including adolescents.

At StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine of Greater Cincinnatti, the team of expert physicians is available anytime to offer intravenous ketamine infusions to help with depression, anxiety, and a variety of treatment resistant disorders. In addition, we also offer functional medicine and wellness consultations. We are also one of the largest providers of IV hydration/vitamin therapy solutions. We work with your mental health provider to ensure safety and effectiveness of our program. If you or someone has a mental health disease that is worsening, or fighting a chronic medical condition, please call your healthcare provider or go to the emergency room.

"We see patients in the following locations: Skokie, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Miami Beach, Florida, Miami Florida, Frisco, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and surrounding areas of Illinois, Florida, and Texas. Call us to book your appointment today."

StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine has the highest number of health and wellness services in the midwest by a multidisciplinary team of physicians and providers who have been trained from the most prestigious institutions in the country. Please contact us anytime, we look forward to serving you.In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or

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