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Psychological and Physical Health – Ways to Help Mood and Memory

Did you know depression alone can cause what looks just like dementia? When not controlled, depression can cause memory problems, poor concentration, personality type changes, sleep issues, apathy, etca. And not just major depression. You want to make sure you’re recognizing and then treating even milder depressed moods, as it can lead to major depression if not addressed and treated. I also count stress and anxiety into this group. Any component of stress, depression, or anxiety in someone’s life can be a contributing factor to memory loss, along with other health problems. The psychological mind has a huge impact on the physical body. You want to take care of both.

The first step is to make sure you discuss how you are feeling with your medical provider. They should make sure nothing medical is going on, such has hypothyroidism or a medication reaction. You may even want to see a psychiatrist or psychologist, especially if your depressed mood is more severe. During my years of neurology practice, I have seen that there is a stigma behind seeking mental health help, but I have also seen how poor mental health can significantly affect the physical body adversely. Psychiatrists and psychologists are not only for schizophrenics or personality disorders; they also help people with depression and anxiety. Mental health is important.
If your medical provider rules out other medical issues, then the following suggestions may help with your depressed mood, stress, or anxiety and in so doing help with your memory problems and overall health, in conjunction with your mental health provider.

Just remember, these suggestions do not supercede an evaluation by your doctor. If your thyroid hormones are low for example, the above suggestions won’t help as much as we would want. But these suggestions are a great start.

At StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine in Chicago land, we can help when the above is not enough or you want a jump start. We offer IV therapy that can help balance your internal environment and replenish nutrients and vitamins. We also offer assistance with weight optimization. We will discuss your diet, an exercise program, and other modalities if applicable. In addition, we have a functional medicine certified physician who can help evaluate your overall health to tie everything together. If you suffer from significant depression, PTSD, or OCD, we can also offer ketamine IV infusions, which has been shown to be extremely helpful in multiple studies. In conjunction with your primary care physician and mental health provider, StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine can help get you back on track and in a healthy state.

At StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine, we’re committed to helping you access nutrient IV treatments quickly and safely. We offer a range of different nutrient therapies to suit your needs – and we can often offer same day appointments or a discreet home visit.

If you’re looking for IV therapy for burnout in the Chicago area, make an appointment with StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine by calling 847-213-0990 or email us here.

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