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Magic Hangover Relief for Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

You wake up and it hits you.

Dry mouth.

Opening your eyes makes you flinch – it’s just too bright.

And when you do sit up, how is it that you feel hungry and sick at the same time?

How many drinks did you have last night? And why didn’t you drink more water?

Hangovers are no fun, but they’re a part of overindulging – and sometimes you just want to blow off some steam.

If you are getting married in a few months, or your best friend has just got engaged, it may be time to start thinking about the bachelor or bachelorette party! Time to make some exciting plans – perhaps book a vacation to a fantastic city like Chicago, where you are sure to make some great memories. You can hardly wait! But you may be dreading the inevitable hangover away from home. All is not lost – there is a way to have a hedonistic night and not suffer too much the next morning!

Are You Planning a Bachelor Weekend in Chicago?

There are so many activities available for you in Chicago and the surrounding areas – to make sure your bachelor or bachelorette party is one for the ages.

For bar hopping and a good time, River North, Wrigleyville, and North Milwaukee Avenue offer a fantastic atmosphere to get your drink on. In the summer, why not hire a boat on Lake Michigan? The Chicago Tikiboat is a firm favorites – a couple of their boats have a waterslide and a grill, so all you need to do is bring the drinks and something to barbecue! The Chicago Architectural Tour is also amazing.

Other fun activities include Fairways in Lincoln Park, a bar that offers an indoor golf lounge. Chicago also offers a number of arcade bars where you can play and party to your heart’s content. If that’s not your style, why not book a painting party at Bottles & Bottega, or tickets on the Chicago Brew Bus, which takes you to three excellent breweries.

In nearby Evanston, there’s a fantastic building containing three venues – Evanston Rocks!, Rock ‘n Ravioli, and Bourbon ‘n Brass.

Just remember to build some time into your itinerary for the resultant hangovers – there’s no point booking a city tour early the next day with everyone in your party feeling ill. Unless you have a backup plan…

Why Is My Hangover so Bad?

Hangovers are normal when you’ve been drinking – but let’s have a little look at how alcohol can affect your body, making you feel so terrible the next day. The ethanol in alcoholic drinks is a toxin, and your body works hard to get rid of it as soon as possible – whether you’ve had one drink or considerably more! And you probably have a friend who is inebriated after half a glass, and another who barely slurs their words after six. Your friends have differing immune function!

Your liver and kidneys work overtime to rid the ethanol from your body. Your liver has to keep supplying digestive enzymes to your gut to break the ethanol down. The depletion of these enzymes have an added effect – these enzymes are also needed to break down important nutrients for absorption through the gut wall. If they’re in heavy use to remove alcohol, your body has a reduced uptake of those nutrients – contributing to how bad you feel. And because your liver is so busy, your blood sugar levels can drop when the alcohol leaves your body, making you feel tired, and contributing to a lowered mood.

But the other issue is a loss of fluids. While you may have been knocking the beers or cocktails back all night, you were also making frequent trips to the bathroom. Ethanol acts as a diuretic – which means it acts on your kidneys to increase the levels of salt and water removed from the body. For every 1g of alcohol you drink, your urine excretion rises by 10ml. Alcohol also represses the production of the hormone vasopressin, which normally triggers your kidneys’ ability to reabsorb water instead of sending it down to your bladder. In short: alcoholic beverages don’t work the same way as water, juice, or other drinks – alcohol makes you dehydrated, and with the loss of salts you’re also dealing with electrolyte imbalance – made worse if you’ve been vomiting or sweating during your drinking binge or hangover.

How Do You Cure a Hangover Fast?

You’ve heard of several hangover cures throughout the years, and you’ve even considered handing out hangover kits to your bachelor or bachelorette guests, containing energy drinks, Alka-Seltzer and breath mints. How thoughtful! But to truly ease the symptoms of a hangover and rescue the rest of your lost weekend, you need to restore fluids, electrolytes, and essential nutrients. And that fancy bottle of mineral water just won’t cut it.

Fortunately, there’s a quick hangover cure that you can book in advance to be administered at your hotel suite – and the whole bachelor or bachelorette party can get in on it! After a hangover-specific intravenous infusion, you and your close friends can get back to tearing up the town and enjoying your last big weekend before settling down.

A Hangover Cure IV is:

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