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Electronic Dance Music and an Art Show – the Effect it can have on Mood


As a budding music producer, the experiences of being a DJ at events is phenomenal!  Having the privilege of attending Elrow in Miami during Art Basel this year was both surreal and gratifying.  All of us have such busy schedules and are going a thousand miles per minute every day.  Having music in our lives helps us in every way.  Helps us to enjoy the process.  Enjoy the experience.  Enjoy life.  Music elicits emotions, sometimes it can elicit pain, and many times it can elicit wild memories and euphoria.  But, that’s the job of music- not only is it the rhythmic beats, the chords, the singing, it’s the emotional and visceral response that we all as consumers feel.  Both as a producer of music as well as a consumer, I have a new enlightenment for the therapeutics of sound.  The therapeutic nature of music and sound can be intoxicating as well as detoxifying. 

Starting a music career as a DJ comes along with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  When you think you are the brink of a great music transition and sound, but it doesn’t happen- it may illicit true disappointment.  Being a perfectionist and realizing that true perfection is never attainable is part of the journey.  The journey that we all go through is so much more important than the outcome sometimes.  The journey can have its ups and downs. In my career I have encountered so many friends, colleagues and peers who have a challenge to get out of the ‘low period’ in life, and then become desensitized and think that is the baseline of their feelings.  We have to remind each other than we ALL have the right to feel happy and good about ourselves and life.  It is our responsibility to look after one another, to remind each other of the process and journey.  Remind each other that we are NOT alone through this journey of life.  After all music is life, and life is music.

If you find yourself struggling with depression, anxiety, lack of interest in the things that used to bring you joy and you feel stuck in a rut with the normally prescribed antidepressant therapy or other similar treatments, there is an evidence-based option gaining popularity within the medical community - Ketamine infusion therapy.  Ketamine infusions have been shown to help reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD with very minimal side effects, for many years.  At StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine in Miami Beach, we provide both ketamine infusion therapy and IV nutritional therapy to help you detox, get you back into balance and help manage the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD.  We also offer ultrasound-guided stellate ganglion blocks for PTSD and refractory anxiety.  Located right on Miami Beach, we have a welcoming, comfortable setting where you can relax during your IV infusion that is provided by an extremely experienced Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in collaboration with Dr Ali, a world-renowned Board-Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain medicine specialist who also specializes in Functional Medicine. With a team comprised of physicians board-certified in adult and pediatric anesthesiology, pain medicine, and functional medicine, we are the most comprehensive team from the nation’s best medical institutions to take care of patients of any age including adolescents and geriatric patients.  We work with your mental health provider to ensure safety and effectiveness of our program. If you or someone has a mental health disease that is worsening, or fighting a chronic medical condition, please call your healthcare provider or go to the emergency room.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call 305-631-6128 and discuss how you to get back on track and back to finding your true joy to enjoy the process.  

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Take care and stay safe. 

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