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Strategies to Help Manage Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a serious and common mental illness that affects millions of people worldwide. While traditional treatments involve antidepressant medications and therapy, there are other strategies that can be used to treat depression.
Feb 27th, 2023


Let’s talk a little about self-care. The importance of self-care has become a hot topic recently, especially throughout the COVID pandemic.
Dec 29th, 2022

The Start of School and Anxiety

Events like this can trigger depression and or anxiety symptoms and we are here to help you.  Be reassured that these things and feelings are all normal and that some of us need a little extra help to cope with the changes.
Aug 10th, 2022

Groove Cruise Miami 2022

Here we are in 2022, in this post-pandemic era feeling like we are finally regaining some normalcy. This return to the days of freedom, socialization, travel and happiness was evident as we embarked on...
Mar 21st, 2022

Helping Fight the Pandemic with COVID-19 Vaccines

The pandemic is like nothing most of us have ever seen in our lives. As a physician working in the hospital, let me tell you, it is not over yet. Life in the hospital and around the world has changed.
Jan 28th, 2021

The fight against COVID-19 and Vaccine Choices

Coronavirus disease 2019, also known as COVID-19, has affected over 24 million Americans and caused over 408,000 deaths as of January 21, 2021.1 There is hope, as there are 2 main vaccines out and a third is on the way;
Jan 25th, 2021

Stay Healthy in Greater Cincinnati

We are all so done with 2020! We hear the word COVID or pandemic and we start to cringe, turn the tv off, turn the radio off or close our web browser. So we ask, how do we maintain our physical and mental health?
Jan 14th, 2021

Neurologic Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. The pandemic has affected so many lives and continues to do so. I have seen first-hand the potential devastating effects of this infection as a neurologist practicing in the outpatient and inpatient settings.
Nov 10th, 2020

COVID-19 and The Holidays

The “COVID-19” holidays are just around the corner, and we all must remain vigilant! The National Institute of Health (NIH) and Center of Disease Control (CDC) recently released recommendations to have a safe Thanksgiving.
Oct 27th, 2020

StrIVeMD Wellness & Ketamine

As with all things in life, change happens. The name RevIVe Wellness & Ketamine has been good to us for a little over a year now. However, as our services have evolved, we do not feel it properly describes who we are and therefore feels the need for...
Sep 22nd, 2020

Adolescent Mood Disorders During CoVID

Well, this is the new normal, for our foreseeable future. As Americans, we do a GREAT job of adapting to stressful circumstances. That being said, this is a life stressor for ALL of us around the country. Especially our youth.
Jul 31st, 2020

The Stress of a Pandemic

Fear and anxiety about a new disease and its repercussions can cause overwhelming emotional responses to the people affected. In the case of CoVID-19, we are ALL affected.
Jun 18th, 2020

Vomiting after Marijuana Use By Syed Ali MD

Recreational marijuana was legalized on January 1, 2020, making Illinois the 11th state in the country to do so. Purchasers of marijuana must be 21 years old and can buy marijuana with or without a medical card.
May 24th, 2020

The Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card By Danny Park, MD

Marijuana is becoming more accepted in this country as time goes on. As of April 20201, there are approximately 11 states plus the District of Columbia that have legalized recreational marijuana and 12 states that have not.
May 20th, 2020

StrIVeMD Wellness and Ketamine Chicago Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana or Cannabis has such underreported benefits due to the stigma that unfortunately it was given back during the anti-drug campaign of the 1980’s. Due to the politicizing nature, health professionals were discouraged against studying the benefits...
May 18th, 2020

Medical Cannabis and its Indications By Syed Ali MD

Recreational marijuana was legalized on January 1, 2020, making Illinois the 11th state in the country to do so. Purchasers of marijuana must be 21 years old and can buy marijuana with or without a medical card.
May 12th, 2020

May is Mental Health and Wellness Month

May is Mental Health month, and it has never been more important than this year in the midst of our global pandemic. Historically resources and information have focused on the one in five individuals who have a mental health concern in any given year.
May 2nd, 2020

A Day in the Life of a Neurologist During COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time. The novel coronavirus 2019 pandemic has become a time that will be recorded in history, similar to the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 or the SARS pandemic of 2002- 2004.
Apr 24th, 2020

The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19

Coronavirus disease 2019, also known as COVID-19, is a viral disease that originated in China. Symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, body aches, and cough.
Apr 10th, 2020

Suicide and COVID-19

Due to the recent coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, the death toll is rising. We hear about many patients who are getting sick with COVID-19 and developing significant health consequences, and unfortunately in many cases not making it out of the hospital.
Apr 7th, 2020


As the new Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the human population, the focus is on containing the spread. As a society, we have to be socially responsible and continue social distancing. This is key to flattening the curve.
Apr 6th, 2020

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for Alcoholism

Drinking is a norm in our society. With the holidays, this is a very common thing to do with friends and family. It’s definitely possible to have fun without drinking (I like Red Bull) but drinking is a CNS depressant and causes a feeling of relaxation.
Jan 20th, 2020

Vomiting after Marijuana Use

Recreational marijuana was legalized on January 1, 2020, making Illinois the 11th state in the country to do so. Purchasers of marijuana must be 21 years old and can buy marijuana with or without a medical card.
Jan 18th, 2020

Why Does Ketamine Work for Depression and Other Mood Disorders?

When an individual suffers from depression, chronic pain, and other related illnesses it may be beneficial to receive ketamine infusion treatments. This therapy is considered an alternative based treatment to traditional medications with long-lasting...
Jan 8th, 2020

No One Wants to Be Sick – Vitamin C Infusions

This is a story familiar to all of us during the winter. Frequency and duration can vary but at some point in time, everyone seems to get sick. Whether it’s a tickle in the throat, a mild headache, or just feeling run down, the common cold is...
Jan 5th, 2020

Migraine and Gut Health: What you Need to Know

Most people who have migraines also experience nausea and vomiting during an attack, but what if that connection goes deeper – into the gut? What if there is a link between migraine and gut health and by taking care of your gut you may be able to better...
Jan 5th, 2020

What is Glutathione and its Benefits?

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant found in our red blood cells and is made in the liver. It is responsible for neutralizing reactive oxygen species (ROS) like free radicals that can cause damage and death to cells.
Dec 30th, 2019

Dehydration: Prevalence, Dangers, and Effective Treatment

According to studies, Seventy-five percent of all Americans are dehydrated EVERY day. Although the study showed that most people had, in fact, drank 8 glasses of fluids per day, they still had net fluid loss, leading to chronic dehydration.
Oct 14th, 2019

The Sad Truth about Antidepressants

We see a lot of patients with chronic disease in clinic. Most of our patients have depression as well, that they attribute to their chronic disease.
Sep 16th, 2019

Ketamine for Mood Disorders

There has been a lot in the news regarding Ketamine and its use and potential benefits in a variety of mood disorders,- including major depressive disorders. This includes a 2017 article in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggesting Ketamine may be...
Jul 23rd, 2019

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting, or IF as many call it, has been catching on the past few years as a great way to lose weight. There is even a Reddit thread for beginners. So, what is it exactly, is it hard, and does it work?
Jul 11th, 2019

Intravenous Ketamine Infusions For Migraine Headaches

Headaches are almost ubiquitous. You talk to your neighbors or family members and, more than likely, almost one quarter of them will have migraine headaches. These severe headaches are bad enough, but some people even have chronic migraines,...
Jul 10th, 2019

Sleep Hygiene

Who could use more sleep? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who would say no to that question. I think as a whole, most of us are sleep deprived, whether it is lack of time to sleep or just poor quality.
Jul 9th, 2019

Depression and Suicidal Behavior

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States and the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide claimed the lives of 47,000 people.
Jun 19th, 2019

Ketamine: Prolonging Effects for Treatment of Mood Disorders

The sun is shining. The temperature is warm. No clouds can be seen in the sky. And you have plans to meet with friends at the beach. Sounds like the potential for a great day, right? But if you suffer from depression, despite the sunny blue skies,...
Jun 7th, 2019

PMS: I Just Want To Be Myself Again

Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, is something all women know. PMS is characterized by the presence of both physical and behavioral symptoms. The most common behavioral symptom is mood swings.
May 27th, 2019

Ketamine and Other Viable Treatment Strategies for Depression

Depression, or Major Depressive disorder (MDD), is a common mental health disorder in the USA. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 7.1% of all US adults, or 17.3 million people, had an episode of...
May 24th, 2019

Headaches: Don’t Suffer in Silence

Headaches are ubiquitous. I have never met someone who has never had a headache in their life. As a neurologist, I see a lot of patients specifically for this disorder.
May 22nd, 2019